New Age Services Inc. is now run by Helene de Klerk and Rosemarie Painter.

 Executive Director: Helene De Klerk         

IMG_8051 Helene became a part of New Age Services in the year 2000. She has a degree in Psychology with a minor in Social Welfare. She has worked in the human service field for above 25 years and has experience in working with frontline, and in management positions supporting seniors, youth and persons with developmental disabilities. She has worked for Willow Haven for seniors, Woods Homes with youth, as well as managed the Children’s Cottage in Calgary, her experience also includes working for Supported Lifestyle, VRRI, URSA, and NAS Inc.  She presently Co-chairs the Accessible Housing Working Group, is a member of Work Force Council and is presently chairing the Diversity Project through WFC, is an ACDS Team Leader Surveyor and a member of Calgary’s Service Provider Council.



Operations Director: Rosemarie Painter

IMG_8044  Rosemarie Painter has been with New Age Services (NAS) for around 15 years and has been contributing to the human services sector since 1980. She started her career in social work and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in the same.

Rosemarie champions effectiveness with an intimate sense of detail and a holistic approach to finding solutions. She fosters accountability and research-first approach to ensure that NAS provides best possible solutions to adults with developmental disabilities.  She has experience with children and families who have suffered abuse and neglect, marginalized people seeking employment counselling, and adults with developmental disability and dual diagnosis. Rosemarie considers working with people and maintaining relationships her utmost priority. She has volunteered with Mental Health, Young Offenders, Child Services, and Youth to name a few.

Rosemarie is married with a son and a dog. She is actively involved in her son’s school and extra-curricular activities.