Our Values

We believe that every individual with a disability has a right to live and work in the community in as normal a way as possible. We encourage our clients to become involved in all aspects of planning their lives and lead a good lifestyle.



An Inclusive Future for All


Adults with cognitive challenges live full and valued lives.


Respect: We respect everyone equally.   We value diverse life challenges, experiences, opinions, beliefs and faiths in a non-judgmental manner.

Professionalism: We represent New Age Services Inc. in a reliable and responsible manner. We resolve our issues in a civilized manner and avoid conflicts of interest. We value continuous learning and use feedback constructively.

Altruism: We believe in the spirit of giving with generosity. We act for the welfare of others with a thorough understanding of how our actions affect others.

Ethical: We strive for excellence by following Best Practices Standards and adhering to all legislation that involves our work. We focus on providing best services with a safe and healthy environment.

Integrity: We act with honesty in our work and daily encounters with others. We build trust and take ownership of commitment. Our actions are in good faith.

Relationships:  The soul of New Age Services Inc. is the relationships we build with everyone. We value teamwork and help each other to grow. We embrace individualism and believe in inclusion of all.

We have Respectful Workplace Program to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect at New Age Services Inc.