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10 Things You Should Never Say to a Person with a Disability

  You’re a brave person I couldn’t imagine living your life  There’s no way you can be disabled since you’re too … Having a bad attitude is life’s only disability I can help you with that! I’m so sorry you’re disabled At least it’s not (insert a deadlier condition) I am praying for you I hope you get better I have a friend who uses a wheelchair, you must know the individual There’s always someone Continue reading →

Disability Inclusive Language

There are many institutions that use the “person-first language” when speaking about people with disabilities. A person-first language emphasizes the person over the disability. Use “person with a disability” instead of “handicapped” or “disabled.” It is not okay to use words or phrases such as “disabled,” “disability,” or “people with disabilities” when talking about disability issues. Ask the people you are with which term they prefer if they have a disability. It is not acceptable Continue reading →

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Disability

Myth: All disabilities can be seen Disabilities are not all visible, some people have invisible disabilities Myth: People’s disabilities define who they are It is important to remember that people with disabilities are people first, not their conditions or limitations Myth: People with disabilities always need help In many cases, those with disabilities are independent and can provide assistance to others around them Myth: People who use a wheelchair cannot walk The use of a Continue reading →

Disability Definition, Meaning and Types

What is a disability?   According to Disabled World, a disability is defined as a significant impairment in an individual’s or group’s usual standard of living. Individuals with disabilities may experience physical impairments, sensory impairments, cognitive impairments, intellectual impairments, and mental illnesses as well as various chronic diseases. It is possible for a disability to be permanent, temporary, or episodic. Depending on the disability, things can get worse, stay the same, or get better. In Continue reading →