New Age Support Services

New Age Services Inc. is associated with New Age Support Services (NASS). NASS is a not-for-profit private company that supports NAS by collecting donations and organizing fundraisers. In order to better assist people with developmental disabilities to lead inclusive lives in the community, NASS was formed. The continued success of our services offered through New Age Services Inc. is largely dependent on private contributions, community involvement and donations that we receive through NASS.

Donor Promise

Although at New Age Services Inc, all of us try to provide as much as we can for our clients, we always welcome and are grateful for your support.  We appreciate and recognize all the donations we receive. We accept donations through New Age Services Inc. and New Age Support Services.

New Age Services Inc. and New Age Support Services appreciate the help we get from all our donors in the form of funds, fundraising donations and volunteering. The funds allow us to purchase essentials for all our clients, furniture and bedding for clients living at group homes and gifts or trips for clients. It can also enhance services for clients through staffing enhancements.

Although, we cannot provide you with tax deductible donation receipts, our promise is to ensure you that the money we collect serves adults with developmental disabilities. You are welcome to visit our office premises to see how your donation has helped us.

To ensure that donors have confidence in our organization and its appeals for donations, the following donors’ rights are recognized:

–          To be treated with respect and professionalism.

–          To receive appropriate recognition.

–          To have the right to declare themselves anonymous.

–          To handle complaints with utmost priority.

–          To know whether the individual collecting funds is a volunteer or an employee.

–          To request that their information stay confidential with us.

–          To request not to be added to the list of donors in future.