Our Values


An inclusive future for all



Adults with cognitive challenges live full and valued lives



We do all we can to ensure the highest quality service for the individuals we support and their families. We believe every individual has the right to live, work, and participate in the community of their choice. Clients are entitled to a high quality of life supported by caring, nurturing people who help to enhance their potential in all they do. We support clients in accessing community resources needed to enhance their lifestyles and quality of life. We encourage them to become involved in planning every aspect of their lives. We also recognize that by supporting our staff, we strengthen the services we give to clients.


Our Culture

New Age Services is a purpose-driven, pioneering-minded, and people-oriented agency. We are united by our shared value to serve a purpose bigger than ourselves. We look beyond what we are doing well to see where we can still serve further. And we do this by caring deeply about each other, our clients, partners, and the community at large.

These 3Ps – purpose, people, and pioneering – are our cultural cornerstones. They guide how we think, speak, and act. So this means we:

1.     Advocate passionately for those who are unable to speak up fully for themselves

2.    Set a standard of high performance

3.    Go the extra mile to build caring and meaningful relationships

4.    Empower employees to take initiative

5.    Expect everyone to take ownership and share the workload

6.    Welcome new ways of thinking and better ways of acting


Core Values

Like all great organizations, we value integrity, respect, diversity, inclusion, and collaboration. We believe they should be the minimum expectations for any professional organization. But it is the unique combination of our core values that set us apart. They clarify our common identity and enable us to be strategic in our choices.

Our core values are listed below along with the principles by which they operate. These operating principles are the traits and skills that build our success. At New Age Services, we don’t want people simply to think of themselves as employees. We want you as a partner in this journey. So the more that these values describe you and the people you want to work with, the more you will thrive with us.


We do incredibly important work for our clients and society, and that purpose defines how we orient ourselves to the world.


We are pioneers who measure our journey by what we achieve. We set excellence as the standard because our clients deserve nothing less.


People matter over everything else. It’s why we do the work we do. We believe there are times to work hard and times to laugh and have fun together. We love that we are a diverse organization serving a diverse society. We believe everyone should have the opportunities to become truly skilled at working with different kinds of people so that it can actually become an organizational strength, not just a fact on a checklist.


Staff are the pillars of our organization and without them we would not exist. We want you to act confidently because you know we support you and if you get it wrong we will come alongside you till you get it right.


We walk the talk. We honor our word and take our commitments seriously.


We are a learning organization that continuously strives to improve our services and to be leaders within our sector.


Professional Expectations

At NAS, the basic standards for professionalism are integrity, respect, diversity, inclusion, and collaboration. We expect everyone to practice them consistently.


Integrity means being honest. It is the foundation of all our actions and decisions. Integrity supports personal rights, freedoms, and responsibilities. It means we can trust and depend on each other consistently.


Respect means treating everyone with equal dignity and worth. It creates a sense of fairness in the workplace. It improves work satisfaction and increases productivity. Respect enables us to feel like we are working in support of each other to achieve our goals.


Workplace diversity refers to the representation of human differences, with specific reference to the protected grounds of race, color, ancestry, place of origin, religious beliefs, gender (including pregnancy and sexual harassment), gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, physical disability, mental disability, age, marital status, family status, and source of income. Equal representation ensures people can believe there is equal opportunity for growth, advancement, and reward. A diverse workforce helps provide the best quality services for a diverse population.


Inclusion refers to a feeling of belonging. True inclusion removes all barriers, discrimination, and intolerance from the workplace. Inclusion creates feelings of acceptance, respect, and belonging. This increases the sense of being valued. It increases everyone’s confidence to participate and willingness to contribute.


Collaboration means working together well. Each of us belongs to at least three teams: the agency as a whole, your department, and the smaller team of people you work with day-to-day. All three teams are important. Through these teams we strengthen each other with support. We challenge each other intellectually with our expertise and suggestions. Working as a team makes us more resilient, innovative, and efficient.